5️⃣ Console Phase 🎮

Console Expansion (2025-2026)

As we step into Phase 5, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone: the expansion of StepGO to consoles, available on both Xbox and PlayStation. Here are the key highlights of this exciting phase:

  1. Console Launch:

    • StepGO will be available for console gamers, providing an engaging and accessible gaming experience for both Xbox and PlayStation users.

  2. Enhanced Graphics:

    • Adapting to consoles will allow for enhanced graphics and a more immersive visual experience, leveraging the power of these platforms.

  3. Integration with Existing Platforms:

    • Console players can integrate their existing accounts, maintaining their progress and achievements across all platforms.

  4. Controller Adaptation:

    • Game controls will be optimized to deliver a smooth and intuitive experience on Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

  5. Unified Gaming Experience:

    • The expansion to consoles will provide a unified gaming experience, ensuring that players from all platforms can explore the world of StepGO together.

  6. Synchronized Events and Updates:

    • Special events, updates, and content releases will be synchronized across console versions and other platforms, ensuring a cohesive community.

  7. Continuous Multiplayer Gameplay:

    • Multiplayer functionality will be maintained, allowing players from different platforms to engage in NFT battles, collaborative events, and competitions.

  8. Platform Exclusives:

    • Introduction of platform-exclusive content, offering Xbox and PlayStation players unique experiences within the StepGO universe.

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